Siemens 3RT201 (Size S00) & 3RT202 (Size S0) Contactor Dimensions

Siemens 3RT201*-1 Contactors (size S00)

Figure: Size 00 3RT201*-1 contactors (screw-type connection system)

3RT201*‑1 contactors (screw-type connection system) with auxiliary switch blocks mounted.


1-Laterally mountable auxiliary switch block 3RH2911‑1DA**

2-Auxiliary switch block for mounting on the 3RH2911‑1FA**

Drilling plans for 3RT201*‑1 contactors.

Siemens 3RT202-1* Contactors (size S0)

Figure: Size S0 3RT202*-1 contactors (screw-type connection system)


 3RT202*‑1 contactors (3‑pole) in screw-type connection system with accessories mounted.

1-Laterally mountable auxiliary switch block 3RH2921‑1DA**

2-Auxiliary switch block for mounting on the front 3RH2911‑1FA**

Drilling plan for 3RT202*-1 contactors.





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Siemens Sirius 3RT20 Contactors & 3RU21 Overloads

Siemens Sirius 3RT20 Contactors & Siemens Sirius 3RU21 Overloads.

Here is a handy cross reference to help choose the correct contactor and overload.

Siemens old Style Contactor Siemens New Style Contactor Siemens Old Style Overload Siemens New Style Overload
 3RT1015-1AB01 3RT2015-1AB01 3RU1116-0AB0 3RU2116-0AB0
3RT1015-1AB02 3RT2015-1AB02 3RU1116-0BB0 3RU2116-0AB0
3RT1015-1AK61 3RT2015-1AK61 3RU1116-0CB0 3RU2116-0CB0
3RT1015-1AK62 3RT2015-1AK62 3RU1116-0DB0 3RU2116-0DB0
3RT1015-1AP61  3RT2015-1AP61 3RU1116-0EB0 3RU2116-0EB0
3RT1015-1AP62 3RT2015-1AP62 3RU1116-0FB0 3RU2116-0FB0
3RT1015-1BB41 3RT2015-1BB41 3RU1116-0GB0 3RU2116-0GB0
3RT1015-1BB42 3RT2015-1BB42 3RU1116-0HB0 3RU2116-0HB0
3RU1116-0JB0 3RU2116-0JB0
3RT1016-1AB01 3RT2016-1AB01 3RU1116-0KB0 3RU2116-0KB0
3RT1016-1AB02 3RT2016-1AB02 3RU1116-1AB0 3RU2116-1AB0
3RT1016-1AK61 3RT2016-1AK61 3RU1116-1BB0 3RU2116-1BB0
3RT1016-1AK62  3RT2016-1AK62 3RU1116-1CB0 3RU2116-1CB0
3RT1016-1AP61 3RT2016-1AP61 3RU1116-1DB0 3RU2116-1DB0
3RT1016-1AP62 3RT2016-1AP62 3RU1116-1EB0 3RU2116-1EB0
3RT1016-1BB41 3RT2016-1BB41 3RU1116-1FB0 3RU2116-1FB0
3RT1016-1BB42 3RT2016-1BB42 3RU1116-1GB0 3RU2116-1GB0
3RU1116-1HB0 3RU2116-1HB0
3RT1017-1AB01 3RT2017-1AB01 3RU1116-1JB0 3RU2116-1JB0
3RT1017-1AB02 3RT2017-1AB02 3RU1116-1KB0 3RU2116-1KB0
3RT1017-1AK61 3RT2017-1AK61
3RT1017-1AK62 3RT2017-1AK62 3RU1126-1CB0 3RU2126-1CB0
3RT1017-1AP61 3RT2017-1AP61 3RU1126-1DB0 3RU2126-1DB0
3RT1017-1AP62 3RT2017-1AP62 3RU1126-1EB0 3RU2126-1EB0
3RT1017-1BB41 3RT2017-1BB41 3RU1126-1FB0 3RU2126-1FB0
3RT1017-1BB42 3RT2017-1BB42 3RU1126-1GB0 3RU2126-1GB0
3RU1126-1HB0 3RU2126-1HB0
3RT1023-1AC20 3RT2023-1AC20 3RU1126-1JB0 3RU2126-1JB0
3RT1023-1AK60 3RT2023-1AK60 3RU1126-1KB0 3RU2126-1KB0
3RT1023-1AP60 3RT2023-1AP60 3RU1126-4AB0 3RU2126-4AB0
3RT1023-1AV60 3RT2023-1AV60 3RU1126-4BB0 3RU2126-4BB0
3RT1023-1BB40 3RT2023-1BB40 3RU1126-4CB0 3RU2126-4CB0
3RU1126-4DB0 3RU2126-4DB0
3RT1024-1AC20 3RT2024-1AC20
3RT1024-1AK60 3RT2024-1AK60
3RT1024-1AP60 3RT2024-1AP60
3RT1024-1AV60 3RT2024-1AV60
3RT1024-1BB40 3RT2024-1BB40
3RT1025-1AC20 3RT2025-1AC20
3RT1025-1AK60 3RT2025-1AK60
3RT1025-1AP60 3RT2025-1AP60
3RT1025-1AV60 3RT2025-1AV60
3RT1025-1BB40 3RT2025-1BB40
3RT1026-1AC20 3RT2026-1AC20
3RT1026-1AK60 3RT2026-1AK60
3RT1026-1AP60 3RT2026-1AP60
3RT1026-1AV60 3RT2026-1AV60
3RT1026-1BB40 3RT2026-1BB40