3RT2025-1AV60 (480v50/60Hz Coil)


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Siemens Sirius 3RT2025-1AV60 Contactor


Siemens Contactor Frame Size 0 16 amp 3-Pole 480v50/60Hz coil With 1-NO/1NC aux.


REPLACES Siemens Sirius 3RT1025-1AV60 contactor

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3RT202 contactors, 3-pole, size S0

AC and DC operation

The 3RT202 contactors are climate-proof. They are finger-safe
according to DIN VDE 0106 Part 100

All basic units can be extended with auxiliary switch blocks.
For size S0 complete units come with 1 NO + 1 NC auxiliaries.

Contact reliability
If voltages ≤ 110 V and current ≤ 100 mA are to be switched,
the auxiliary contacts of the 3RT20 contactor should be used as they guarantee a high level of contact
These auxiliary contacts are suitable for solid-state circuits with
currents ≥ 1 mA at a voltage of 17 V.

Surge suppression

3RT2 contactors can be retrofitted with RC elements, varistors,
diodes or diode assemblies (assembly of diode and Zener diode
for short break times) for damping opening surges in the coil.
The surge suppressors are plugged onto the front of size S00
contactors. Space is provided for them next to a snap-on
auxiliary switch block.

For size S0 to S3 contactors, varistors and RC elements can be
snapped on either on the top or directly below the coil
terminals. Diode assemblies are available in 2 different versions
on account of their polarity. Depending on the application they
can be connected either only at the bottom (assembly with
motor starter protector) or only at the top (assembly with
overload relay).
The plug-in direction of the diodes and diode assemblies is
specified by coding.