R-K Electronics RCS3A-6V

R-K Electronics

$ 9.85 

R-K Electronics RCS3A-6V voltage filter

Single phase 240v 220 ohmsTransient voltage filter


Transient Voltage Filters R-C networks (Resistance-Capacitance) are applied to circuits where
transient electrical voltages can cause a malfunction or damage in solid state controls or control systems (PLCs, CNCs, NCs, Solid State Counters, etc.)

The RCSs are typically applied in parallel with single phase inductive loads (motor starter coils, contactor
coils, solenoid valves, etc.) to absorb the transients generated when the load is de-energized.

• 240 Volt operation
• Single Phase (1Ø) Applications
• Varistor Options
• Stranded Wire Leads