Macromatic PCPU


$ 54.00 

Macromatic PCPU Phase Relay monitor

Universal voltage range of 190-500V range that covers more applications.

Full fault indication on top of unit for easy troubleshooting.

Compact plug-in case utilizing industry-standard 8 pin octal socket.

10A SPDT output contacts.


PCP Series Three-Phase Monitor Relays continuously monitor all voltages of a three-phase system. They are used to protect motors and equipment from expensive damage due to phase reversal. These products have an isolated relay output that is only energized if the three phases are in the proper A-B-C sequence.

The relay output will remain open if any two phases are reversed. One version will work on any three-phase system from 190-500V no adjustment or special set up is required. These devices are designed to be compatible with most
Wye or Delta systems with no connection to Neutral required.
Phase Reversal Relays should be used in applications where motor direction is critical or sequence detection is required by code.