G5Z-003 Tilt Switch/Now Part# SP-1516


$ 35.00 

Durakool G5Z-003 mercury tilt switch is obsolete.

It is now replaced by part# SP-1516                      This is what you'll receive when ordering

Durakool tilt switches “make” when the electrode is tilted below horizontal and “break” when tilted above the horizontal. Total travel from “make” to “break” is the “Maximum included angle” shown below. The component to which the switch is attached must have a total tilt angle greater than the “Maximum included angle” for proper operation.

Durakool tilt switch features:

* Insulated
* Form: NO/NC/SPST/Mount dependent
* Angles Referenced from Horizontal
* Hermetically Sealed
* Small Package Size
* Narrow Included Angle
* High Current Capability
* Low Contact Resistance
* Long Life