Carlo Gavazzi CA18CLF08PAM1

Carlo Gavazzi

$ 112.00 

Carlo Gavazzi CA18CLF08PAM1 prox switch

Capacitive proximity switches with either sensing distance 8 mm flush mounted in metal or sensing distance 12 mm non-flush mounted. 4-wire DC output with both make (NO) and break (NC) switching. Grey M18 polyester housing with 2 m PVC cable or M12 plug. Ideal for use in level and plastic machinery applications.

• Featuring TRIPLESHIELD™ sensor protection
• Adjustable sensing distance 3-8 mm or 3-12 mm
• Rated operational voltage: 10-40 VDC
• Output: DC 200 mA, NPN or PNP
• Make and break switching function
• LED indication
• High noise immunity
• Flush and non-flush types
• Plug and cable versions

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