3RU1136-4AB0 (11-16 amps)


$ 99.00 

Siemens Overload 3RU1136-4AB0

Overload Range 11-16 amps


(Fits 3RT1033, 3RT1034, 3RT1035 & 3RT1036 Contactors)

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Features and technical characteristics

  • 1 NO & 1 NC auxiliary contacts
  • Manual/automatic RESET
  • Trip indicator
  • STOP button
  • Test function
  • Sealable cover

3RU11 overload relays provide overload protection for three-phase inductive motors with
rated currents of up to 100A (75HP, AC-3,480V).

They are used in conjunction with
3RT10 contactors to form motor starters.

Trip class:
The 3RU11 overload relays are designed in
accordance with trip class 10, i.e. trips in less
than 10 seconds at 6 times the trip current setting (FLA).

The 3RU11 thermal overload relay is set by adjusting to the rated motor current with a setting dial.

The range on the setting dial is calibrated in amperes.