Durakool Mercury relays

Durakool Mercury Contactors and Relays!


Durakool Mercury Contactors provide silent reliable switching because of the unique properties of mercury as a contact material. Virtually immune to breakage, corrosion or wear, the contacts are enclosed in hermetically sealed steel containers. They operate in a wide range of temperatures under low or high pressures in dust or vapor filled atmospheres. They produce no external sparks and are unaffected by line noise or voltage spikes. Durakool Mercury Contactors are the ideal solution where frequent switching would degrade mechanical devices.

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Typical applications include:
Resistive heating control
Lighting & Traffic controls
Oven & furnas controls
Motors and pumps
Industrial processing equipment
High voltage applications


 Durakool Mechanical Tilt & Tip Over Switches


Durakool offers a comprehensive range of standard and custom mechanical Tilt & Tip Over switches used to sense movement (tilt) of a device, above and below a horizontal axis. Applications for mechanical Tilt Switches include level controls, appliances, security alarm systems, toys & float switches. Mechanical Tip Over switches sense tilt over 360° of the vertical axis. A common use of Tip-Over switches is in portable domestic Electric & Gas heaters to prevent fire & shock. If the heater is tilted more than a specified angle, the Tip Over switch is used to switch off the heater. Normally closed (tilt to open) and Normally open (tilt to close) switches are available. Other applications include, portable lamps, anti-theft devices, vending-machine alarms and machinery security systems.

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Typical Tilt switch applications include:
Level controls
Security alarm systems
Float switches


Typical Tip over switch applications include:
Portable lamps
Anti-theft devices
Vending machine alarms
Machinery security systems


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